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Day 1 in Jaffa, Israel: Godzilla

by - 12:03 PM

I tried to think of a witty, metaphorical way to open this blog post, but it failed so now i'm just going to tell you it's my first night in my perfectly-located yet comfortably shitty apartment in Jaffa, Israel. I'm really liking the shitty apartment thus far; My room is breezy and opens up to an outside patio which looks out at a cute Jaffian [that's now a word] street with most of the neighbors being young Israelis, Arabs, students, and foreigners. I have two roommates, Ofir and his psychotic cat. Not much to note about Ofir yet, he's a polite pot-head who works at an NGO part time and as a bartender the rest of the time. But his cat on the other hand, is fucking insane. I'm not a cat person, however usually they have redeeming qualities such as cuteness, or fluffiness, which distracts you from their pointless being on the planet earth. This cat has neither of those redeeming qualities, and instead enjoys pouncing on to your head, clawing your hair whenever it pleases. Ofir described it as, "he likes new haircuts". I've thought about throwing the cat out of the window multiple times, but I feel like it might start Ofir and I's relationship off on a shitty note. After I locked Godzilla out [from here on out we will be referring to the cat by his new name], I decided to take a nap considering I slept two hours on the flight due being used as a personal pillow and/or purse holder for the woman next to me. When I awoke I found my right hand completely swollen, unable to move two fingers. For time being i'm going to tell myself it was a giant ass Israeli mosquito who treated himself to a 5-star American meal, instead of a tick from Godzilla, because I may actually "accidentally" drop off Godzilla at the Jordanian border, or better yet Syrian border, if that was the case. Now i'm laying in a bed of Godzillas' lovely white hair he left behind as i'm pecking at the keyboard with my left hand, holding a donut with my 3 functioning fingers in the other. Godzilla aside, Jaffa is great so far and i'm beyond happy to be back in Israel. There's something about this place that always feels like home. 

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  1. Give the cat some catnip! Or some nice treats, he'll love you for sure :)