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Back in America!

by - 6:44 PM

Since my return to America [approximately 3 days ago] my days have consisted of eating enough Mexican food to makeup for 12 burrito-less months, spending entirely too much money trying out new drugstore makeup, and blasting Middle Eastern music 24-7 in an attempt to convince myself that I never had to leave. I'm aware that I have been majorly slacking in the Youtube department; Once i'm moved back into college in a couple weeks and am re-adjusted to life in the U.S., I will, alas, be making weekly videos again. To ALL of you, subscribers, who stuck with me throughout my year away, and to all of my new subscribers...THANK YOU. I appreciate all of you. For realz. If you want to stay updated, be sure to follow my Instagram: thataylaa [I post daily]

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