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Top 10 Videos of 2014 { thataylaa }

by - 11:42 AM

One of my new years resolutions is to start making use of this blog more, so here I am...coffee in hand, bringing you a wrap up of my top videos of 2014. Hope this brings you some laughter, or if nothing else, sheer amusement. (Remember the Taylor Rants days?)

10. And finally...2014 wouldn't be complete without a Kylie Jenner nude lip tutorial.

So thankful for all of your continuous support, and for making 2014 awesome! Here's to an even better 2015. xx

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  1. That Taylor Rants yoga video is what brought me to your channel and i am so glad it did! Your channel has definitely helped me learn to embrace my pale skin and helped take my love for makeup to a new level! Not because I *need* makeup but because I love makeup and because it is a great outlet to express myself and my creativity! Looking forward to another year full of amazing and new things!