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Cast Away: Taylor Edition [stranded on a damn log]

by - 7:44 PM

Day 3 at one of my favorite places on earth [disclosed location due to creepers]. Clue: it's a lake. If you couldn't tell by the below picture. 
My day consisted of almost getting stuck out in the middle of a lake on a log. Yes, a log. Felt like I was in Cast Away... except way less dramatic. Me being my 20 year old self thought it was a great idea to listen to my 10 and 13 year old cousins, and swim out to a jumping pole....while holding onto a log. Long story short, the wind picked up, it looked like a downpour was about to take place, and we're stuck on a fucking log. I was never a fan of Kayaks until today. Two oh-so-kind middle-aged people towed in 3 kids [yes, I am included in that category due to the fact that they asked me where our parents were...another proud moment of the day], and rescued us from that damn log. So I now raise my glass of classy $5 Carlo Rossi, and toast to a damn Kayak. #YOLO

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  1. Omg this is great. I'm dying <3

  2. Can totally picture it all playing out in my head. Too funny! Glad u and ur cousins made it in safe! <3

  3. LMFAO.
    Girl nooo worries. This is pretty much the story of my lifeee -.-