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Review: $10.82 Brush roll & 24 pc brush set. Gotta love eBay

by - 12:09 AM

Since I'm going to traveling a lot in the upcoming months, I decided it was time I invest in a brush roll. And by "invest in", I mean "spend $10 on". I had been looking at the Sigma, Crown Brush, and Sedona Lace brush rolls but wasn't about to spend $50 on a damn leather thing that rolls and is most likely made in China. So being the thrifty person I am [or like to think of myself as], I did some eBay research. 

I ended up buying this MAC "inspired" leather brush roll that came with 24 brushes for $10.82 and free shipping. I was expecting the brushes to become best friends with my trash can while just keeping the brush roll case, however, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of most of the brushes.
The brushes come individually wrapped in plastic, with nice and long black handles with the [obviously fake but none-the-less cute] MAC logo printed on them. The case has a nice leather flap which folds down to protect your brushes and keep them secured in the case.
Like I said earlier, I am very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the brushes. They're no Sigma, but I would compare them to elf (eyeslipsface.com) quality. I am happy with all of the brushes except the brown ones pictured below.

 Clearly the brown ones are made of a different material (most likely goat hair or some shit that should not be placed on your face). They are extremely scratchy and those puppies went straight into the trash. 
My night was made when I found out that my Sigma, Sedona Lace, and elf brushes all are able to fit into the brush roll. Is it sad that that made my night? Probably. Overall, I'm extremely happy with my purchase and would recommend this case to anyone looking for an affordable brush roll with some pretty good quality brushes as an added bonus!
Link to the brush roll on eBay

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