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Little Black Bag: My Thoughts

by - 10:49 AM

Before you read this, watch my video unboxing/review so I have less to explain. Thanks.

So now that you've spent 8 minutes of your life watching me open a box, how do you feel? Ready to get your own Little Black Bag? I DID end up returning the bag because I felt like a little girl carrying her mom's purse [that was one big ass purse], but I am very happy with LBB's customer service and quick email response. They gave me a prorated refund (about $37), so if you think about it, I got a Cargo blush for $13! ($50-$37 for those of you who didn't catch that). I sent back the bag, and about 8 days later they contacted me and I had received a refund back to my card. So A+ on customer service! Like I mentioned in the video, I cancelled my LBB after the first month. It was super easy to cancel, can be done all online, and was hassle-free. Super happy with LBB as a company, and my first month's service!

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