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الصور [pictures!]

by - 2:27 AM

Thought I would share some photos with you from this semester since not all of you follow my Facebook page [www.facebook.com/thataylaa], and my posts are usually rather bland. Enjoy!

Volunteering in Iraq Al-Ameer painting a boys school

Mensaf, the traditional Jordanian dish
Sarah, my host sister

What my host sister and I do at night... 
After eating the best Indian food ever at Cashmere

Sweet shop downtown 
Ali! Our favorite waiter at a sketchy, all men cafe.

Painting at Iraq Al-Ameer

Playing dress up...Arab style.

Souk in Al-Salt

Fruit stand in Al-Salt

Wadi Donna

Chillin at the hotel in Donna drinking tea with the locals

Dead Sea

King Hussein Mosque

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